Affordable, Accessible, Quality Medical Care You Can Count On!

At Essential Direct Primary Care (EDPC), you and your family get direct access to your board-certified family doctor who has the time to really get to know you. We don’t bill insurance, so insurance companies do not tell us what is best for you. Instead, we charge a low monthly fee—often lower than your phone bill—to provide primary care services that are tailored to your individual needs, from your annual check-up to urgent care to general questions about staying healthy. We will see you when you need to be seen. We will answer your questions thoroughly. We will make decisions with you rather than for you. We will have relaxed, on-time appointments to give you the respect you deserve.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative approach to primary care that aims to bring physicians and patients back together. It works outside of the complicated bureaucracy of health insurance by providing membership-based services with transparent pricing and no surprise bills. The vast majority of healthcare occurs in primary care offices. These services in and of themselves are not expensive, and we believe they don't have to be. Insurance has inflated the cost of primary care and has made it unaffordable and even inaccessible to many patients. We make your health our number one priority, by removing the middlemen, making care affordable, accessible and valuable, and restoring trust, open communication and the personal relationship with your doctor. No wait times. No unnecessary barriers. No inflated costs. No copays. No hidden fees. Just exceptional medical care and simple, personalized access to your physician. Join the revolution in healthcare!

Want to know a little more about DPC? Watch this brief video:



For Prospective Patients, please schedule a free 15-minute Meet & Greet appointment (click here) to learn how Essential Direct Primary Care works and whether this innovative healthcare model will be a good fit for you.